Bless for making me a woman

"Bless you Hashem (God) for making me a woman"                                       "ברוך שעשני אישה"

For this piece I was inspired by a phrase in the Talmud. In the closing part of every morning prayer by the religious male Jews, they say: "Bless you Hashem, our God, the king of the world, for not making me a woman". I changed the phrase by omitting the word "not": "Bless you God for making me a woman". This new phrase became my new inspiration. I wasn’t criticizing Judaism, but empathizing the new meaning it gave me.

I have created two garments - one for women and another for men. I approached each of them differently, as in the woman's garment I wanted to praise and celebrate womanhood by creating a proud, feminine and strong garment. I didn't make it from a conventional dress or skirt, but from a man’s plain white shirt. 

In the male's garment, I emphasized the Sisyphean way of prayers. The men are required to repeat this phrase every morning for every day of the year. In the garment, there's a spiral that comes out of the pattern that repeats the new phrase and emphasizes the endless cycle of the prayer. It makes the audience contemplate the issue and wonder whether the phrase is still relevant. I felt an importance in bringing the issue into further light, and the discussion about the absurdity/correctness of this phrase.