Behind the Scenes

In my sustainable collection I aim to create a connection between femininity and sports.
My inspiration has been my own personal life - as a female athlete myself, I have been competing in Triathlons since early on in my life. Triathlons are a very demanding and strenuous sport, which as a woman have emphasized a dissonance between social expectations to personal fulfillment and feminine empowerment.
In my design, I emphasize  the disproportion between the natural women body to an athletic strong one, the strive to what  it wants to be, physically and emotionally. I refer to female anatomy, construct to the women body a new body - connection between visual and personal emotion.
The collection is sustainable. I have used my own used sportswear as readymade, dismantling them and creating a new sustainable garment that combines my ideas on the concept of sports and femininity. In competitive sports the renewal of clothes is very frequent. I kept the cloths over the years cause I got an emotional connection to them, but I do not really use them anymore. Now I reuse them and giving them a new purport.