The project is a collaboration with a textile design student

Human kind Man has a great influence on the environment. There is disproportionate use of resources and the creation of a massive pollution that is gradually deteriorating. However, in nature, there is cyclicality. Each product has a beneficial effect on another process and there is always circularity. We were exposed to the process during a tour in the cowshed, there we saw how the feces served as fertilizer for crops, and the crops were used for food for cows. A proof that every process in nature has a positive effect on another factor.

In the project, It was important to us not just to show social awareness but to make a piece of clothing with the social responsibility, which knows how to decompose itself when thrown into the composter or dissolve in environmentally friendly measures and will not be added as more waste to the  planet.

In the project we wanted to raise awareness to the pollution problem of the fashion and textile industry
This project deals with circular economy and with “cradle to cradle” production. The fabrics are all made from natural materials, consumable or renewable (co�on, acetate and expendable cellophane made from corn starch), and in a non - woven technique - a short production process that save energy. All of this is intended to close the cycle of textile production.
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